Data visualizations, services and tools for news media

Data scraping, event databases and data visualizations for online newsdesks.

Data scraping

We can help you extract and organize information from thousands of web pages through automated data scraping.

Datasets & Updates

If you want to keep track of certain events (e.g. for an interactive map), we can keep a dataset updated for you.

Maps and data

We produce static and interactive maps for your website - based on data that you provide or we can assist you garther them.


Within just one day we can deliver simple websites that follow your main objective: sign-ups, clicks, form leads, you name it!

UI Design Services

A comprehensive range of user interface design services to help you establish a compelling digital media presence.

Web apps

Do you need a quiz, a data visualization, a user submission form or a new feature for a campaign? Hire us and we'll deliver the desired add-on for your website

Wordpress CMS

WordPress websites offer a lot of benefits including great flexibility, SEO benefits and an almost endless amount of plugins that can extend the core functionality.

Be ready! Book the day

Be ready! Book the day

Need a map with all Michelin Restaurants right after they have been announced? Want to publish all data from a national index? Pre-book us for the day the data gets published and get a head start on your competitors. We'll scrape and process the data you need and deliver them as well-organized data, an interactive map or a as a table you can filter, sort and search in.

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Maps, lists and quizzes

Maps, lists and quizzes

Want to do something extra for the Olympics, a summit or election day? Get a fixed price on the data, visualizations and quizzes you want to offer the readers. Our broad competencies within data journalism, design and development make us a an affordable and flexible partner for your special coverage.

Maps & Data - Always updated

Maps & Data - Always updated

Good and bad things happens, and you might want to make lists or maps showing the 10 most recent, largest, best or worst. We'll help you being prepared, so you can have lists and maps ready for your news site right after a new incident has happened.